About 5 Design

5 Design is founded on the principle of teamwork and a desire on the part of those working here to make the company a leader in its field. We believe strongly that the achievement of these goals is dependent upon maintaining the excellence of our employees - who work closely with our clients - and the supportive environment that the company provides for them.

  • Conception
  • Design
  • Delivery
  • Enjoyment

If you want a nice garden that fulfils your requirements, you will need:

  • Time, to draw up an effective and affordable brief.
  • Management skills, facilitating and enabling the flow of money, materials and manpower, on time.
  • Design flair, interpreting your dreams and tastefully creating buildable reality.
  • Materials and plant knowledge, ensuring durability and suitability for use.
  • Skill and experience, delivering quality on time.

And most of all, more time to cover supervision and all of the other things which you hadn't thought of!

You can, of course, hire in these skills and use the vast pool of knowledge and experience available within the landscape sector to enable your dream.

The Garden Design Experience may not be a Rewarding One!

At 5 Design we are aware that when people use other garden designers this often does not lead to satisfaction; so we have asked some questions, and discovered some concerns!.

People have expressed anxiety around simply being asked what it is that they want in their scheme; and left feeling that they might not have adequately expressed their requirements to the designer. In some cases they felt that the designer took over and 'assumed what was best for the space'.

Furthermore, there seem to be a significant number who feel that they are not fully included in the creative process - leading to a lack of a 'feeling of ownership', and right to occupy the space. A difficult concept to quantify and criticise as quality of workmanship, delivery and price criteria may well have been met admirably.

We feel that there is a need for a better tailored service where more time is spent considering the customer requirements and monitoring satisfaction – ‘The 5 Design Promise'.

We think that you will find us to be nice people who enjoy our work and want to share in your enthusiasm for your garden.

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